France itself is a place that enlivens the senses, which in turn feeds creativity. We welcome you to join our workshop instructor, Greg Decker, a professional visual artist and educator for thirty years, to embark on a new creative discovery.

Our Sessions emphasize loose and creative experimentation. This approach inspires beginners, and re-energizes intermediate levels. Instruction takes place in plein air with captivating views!

This workshop Includes:

  • 5 days of plein air style painting workshops
  • Museum tours guided by instructor
  • Excursions to Paris, Auvers/Oise, Chantilly & more
  • French and Art history immersion
  • Guided walking tours around historical villages
  • Supplied art tools and materials

Meet Your Instructor, Greg Decker!

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*Fees are all inclusive for room and boarding, meals, workshop courses and materials. Please review more in our Guest Info.

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