Join us September 10th- 19th for an ultimate Health and Beauty Retreat.

Cecile has 30 years of background working and studying every massage technique. She practices the Japanese continuity concept through her practice using machines that work with magnetic fields and specialized massage therapy.

Cecile Cotten has been named as the best kept secret and “Hidden Gem” in Paris as seen in Elle, Paris Vogue, Votre Beauty, Allure and more.

Compared to other countries, Europe and the United States forget the importance of the ancient practice of yoga and massage. Cecile holds the strong belief that Health is a work of art that is always evolving and never complete.

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This workshop Includes:

  • 5 days of cooking workshops
  • Museum tours guided by instructor
  • Excursions to Paris, Auvers/Oise, Chantilly & more
  • Intro to the history of the traditional French dishes
  • Guided tours around historical villages and markets
  • Supplied cooking tools and materials

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*Fees are all inclusive for room and boarding, meals, workshop courses and materials. Please review more in our Guest Info.

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